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  • Why Mount Gambier is so much more than a Blue Lake

    Every destination has its own tourist hot spot. The first thing that conjures the mind of travellers.

    For Paris, it’s the Eiffel Tower. Canada, it’s the Rocky Mountains. And for Egypt, it’s the Pyramids. Whether the attraction is stereotypical or true, they’re famous for a reason.

    But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to these cities and sites.

    Google Mount Gambier’s top attractions and our ‘hot spot’ appears: The Blue Lake. The region itself is famous for its limestone, volcanic landscape and crater lakes. Yet, the Blue Lake is the one most people know about.

    There’s no denying it’s a pretty marvellous spectacle, as it turns cobalt blue in summer. But many people visit Mount Gambier and only see the lake. They take a few photos and move on. The lake itself has more to offer than just a backdrop for pretty pictures.

    The Blue Lake Mount Gambier walk

    Aquifer Tours, for example, takes visitors on a fascinating tour in a glass-panelled lift down the original dolomite well shaft. This is where the water was first extracted. Hear interesting stories of local history, European settlement, folklore, and Aboriginal legend.

    The nature of where Mount Gambier is situated, halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne, makes it an easy stopover for the night. But with the all the natural beauty it boasts, a few hours simply aren’t enough.

    We have it all. Nature, sport, food, and sporting. There’s forests, caves, parks, sinkholes, a coastline, a river, and geological features. There’s the only geopark in the whole of Australia – one of only 10 in the world.

    The region is peppered with wineries, boutique producers, and gorgeous places to stay. Think succulent seafood, fresh herbs, meat, fruit, berries, and cheese. Our rich, volcanic soil gives the food an intense taste. And for golfers, we have two large golf courses to wind down after all that adventure.

    There’s Umpherston Sinkhole, professional fishing charters, Mount Schank, river cruises, Dingley Dell Conservation Park, state forest walks, and museums. We’ll talk more about these attractions soon.

    Mount Gambier can’t be shoe-boxed into just one category. There’s just too much on offer. We want you to experience our region in its entirety.

    For us locals, it’s our responsibility to share all the amazing other reasons to visit, beyond just our blue beauty.

    Give yourself the time to see what we see.