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What are the Check in and Check out times?
You can check in from 2PM right through to 9.30 at night (which is closing time) and check out is any time you want right up till 10.00AM. For accommodation outside of these times, please contact reservations direct on (08) 8725 5800 during office hours of 7.30AM to 9.30PM any day of the week.

Is there an Airport shuttle?
Whilst there is no actual “Airport Shuttle” itself, Mount Gambier has two well respected independently owned Taxi Cab services. Both companies are aware of the times the planes land and there will always be some taxis just waiting for passengers to disembark. To book a Taxi back out to the airport, speak to us at receptions here and we will be more than happy to arrange a taxi back out to the Airport for you.

Is parking free?
Yes. We have an excellent and easy to negotiate off street car park here and it is big enough to be able to park cars towing big trailers, medium size trucks and even Interstate sized Coaches.

Are additional beds and port-a-cots available?
Yes, we have many Single ensembles that we can easily place into a room (a small charge applies) plus we have just one port-a-cot also available, this singular item is free of charge and it is provided on a first come first serve basis. Please phone reservations direct on (08) 8725 5800 to arrange any of this.

What credit cards do we accept?
All the major ones, eg Visa, MasterCard, Diners, JCB. If you use an AMEX card, we will happily process the payment but a small surcharge will apply.

Is breakfast available?
Yes, we have an al-a-carte breakfast menu that you can pick and choose from, prices are detailed on this form. Unless you are in a large group (eg in excess of 10 people) that has pre-arranged catering in our dining room, all breakfasts will only be served into the guest room.

Where do I pick up my room keys?
From Reception which is right at the entrance to the property; these are available during office hours of 7.30AM to 9.30PM. Should you know or suspect that you will arrive outside of these hours, please contact reservations prior to arrival on (08) 8725 5800 to discuss how you can gain access.

Is the room rate per person or per night?
o Our rates are for the room. This means that if the room is advertised for a maximum of 2 people (additional beds are just that, additional – not the maximum), the rate is for the two of you. As another example, if you have selected our 2 Bedroom family Suite, this suite is currently set for a maximum of 6 people and therefore the room rate is for any number of guests up to and including 6 people.

Do you have any rooms for big families?
Yes, phone us here at reservations on (08) 8725 5800 and tell us what your family looks like and we can recommend what rooms will work best for you.

Do I have to climb any stairs to get to your rooms?
No. Park your car right in front of your room and walk straight in

Is your car park safe?
Yes. The one way in (right past reception) is the same way out (once again, right past reception). Nobody can get in, do something bad and “duck” out the back gate simply because we are fenced in on three out of our four sides; to leave you have to drive past us here in reception. In addition to this, we have CCTV – all for your safety.



Can I specify where I would like my room located?
Yes, please phone us here at Reservations on (08) 8725 5800 and we will always do our best to accommodate customers requests; we however do ask that you understand that during periods of peak occupancy (eg major public holidays etc) we may not be able to fulfil your request. The best way as is always, reserve your room early (and over the phone to us here in Reservations if possible rather than the internet – (08) 8725 5800) so you are not competing with all the late bookings that occur during these periods.

Gift Cards?
Sorry, but we do not have gift cards per-se. However if you wish to treat somebody special, please phone us directly here at Reservations (08) 8725 5800 and we can take your booking and process your payment. That way, all you have to do is make up a little card (handwritten if you like) saying what and when you have done this for them.

What is there to see and do in Mount Gambier?
Whilst we have a few exceptionally well known tourist destinations like the famous Blue Lake and Cave Gardens, we also have many, less well known ones. You can view many of them on my web page called Attractions alternatively when you arrive here at Motel Mount Gambier, just ask me and I will be more than happy to point out where and what you can see and do during your stay here.

Can you arrange tours and other services for me?
Yes. Just ask us when you check in and we will be more than happy to do this for you.

Can you recommend any good restaurants?
Yes. We frequently recommend a selected number of venues that have proven time and time again to be able to deliver good tasty food, excellent service and are value for money. Not surprisingly you will find many of our local people also in the same venues – I wonder why!

Can we purchase drinks from you to take back to the room?
Yes, I am fully licensed. We hold a small but enjoyable selection of beers, ciders and local wines; costs apply.


Where are you?
We are located at 115 Penola Road Mount Gambier. This means we are the closest motel to the biggest shopping centre, the Hospital and Airport. In addition we are only one and a half Kilometers from the city centre and all the major tourist attractions are within three and a half kilometres of us.

What are the directions to the Motel?
There are three main – different approaches to Mount Gambier, they are:

  • From the North: we will be the first motel that you come across (about one and a half Kilometers inside the township boundaries) and you will see us on the opposite side of the road.
  • From the West: continue along the road you are on (Jubilee Highway West) for a little under three Kilometers until you come across a very big round-a-bout with a McDonalds restaurant on it, turn Left at that point and continue along this road (Penola Road) for 800 meters where you will find us on the same side as you are on.
  • From the East: continue along the road you are on (Jubilee Highway East) for a little over three Kilometers until you come across a very big round-a-bout with a McDonalds restaurant on it, turn Right at that point and continue along this road (Penola Road) for 800 meters where you will find us on the same side as you are on.

Is there a Laundromat on site?
No. However there is a well equipped Laundromat (which is adjacent to a deli / snack food shop) just 200 meters up the road from us, a 2 minute walk – very convenient and easy to access.



How do I book a room?
You can either phone us here at Reservations on (08) 8725 5800, email us on motelmg@internode.on.net or use our own web site booking page Book Now button.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
Yes – we take this matter very seriously. When booking on my web site; to ensure your security we utilise a secure commerce server which encrypts the credit card details to an unreadable format.

Will I be charged when booking over the phone?
No. We only take your details and reserve the room on that; everyone pays for the room when you arrive and no sooner. If a situation arises whereby you cannot come to Mount Gambier and forget to notify us of this change of plan, namely fail to give us at least 24 hours notice of non-arrival (eg before 2PM on the day prior to arrival) you will be billed a 50% cancelation fee.

What if there will be more than two people in a room?
Whilst Standard and Superior rooms only have one bed in each of them, we can easily place one or two Single beds into the room prior to your arrival (a small charge applies). Please contact reservations on (08) 8725 5800 to arrange this.

Do children stay free?
The current room rates are based on occupancy of the bedding that is currently available in each and every room. If additional beds are required, there will be a small additional charge applied for this service REGARDLESS of the age of the guest.

What is the cancellation policy?
o In order to not be charged any fee for a booking that was done over the phone or direct email to us, you must give us at least 24 hours notice from check in date (eg before 2.00PM one day or more prior to arrival date). Failure to do so will result in a 50% of booking value being charged. If you have used an on-line travel agent (eg Wotif, Agoda, Expedia, etc) you must negotiate any cancelation with them as we cannot do anything for you from this end, you are their customer – you have to talk to them.

How do I cancel my reservation?
If you booked directly with us in the first place, you can phone reservations here on (08) 8725 5800 to cancel or amend your booking. If you used an on line travel agent (eg Wotif, Agoda, Expedia, etc) you must discuss your cancelation or amendment directly with them as we cannot do anything for you from this end, you are their customer – you have to negotiate with them.

What Discounts and Specials are available?
Our deals are on frequent rotation and are subject to change without notice. In order to easily find out if any and what deals are available, please phone us here at Reservations on (08) 8725 5800. (No specials / deals will be available whatsoever during periods of peak demand – eg Christmas, Easter and all major events that we have from time to time here in Mount Gambier).

My credit card details are correct but the motel’s web site is not accepting it?
Here are a few possibilities:

  • Your card type is not accepted at this venue.
  • The card expiration date precedes the reservations date.
  • You have reached your credit limit.
  • There is a computer error

If you cannot get the card to work, just phone us here at Reservations on (08) 8725 5800 and we will happily take your booking over the phone.

Once I have made my reservation, will I receive any written confirmation?
If you have booked directly with us over the phone, you will have to request a email notification, it is not automatic. Having said this, if you book on our web site booking page, the system will automatically generate a written reply (email). If you use an on-line travel agent to reserve a room here, you will have to read their T&C in order to know what and how they do things.

Are there any additional or hidden costs?
No. The room rate is just that, the room rate for that night. The only time costs go up is if you elect / ask for a upgrade of room type after you arrive and or request additional services (eg breakfast; alcoholic beverages, etc). In each and every one of these scenarios, we will always fully disclose if there is a cost and how much.

I don’t have long to wait for a confirmation, what do I do?
Rather than use a web based service, the best way is to book the room over the phone with us here at Reservations on (08) 8725 5800. That way you are talking with a person, not a computer – the difference, we care (computers do not feel).